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We ask each sender to structure his/her speech in order to be fully understandable, quick and easy to read. Save time and discover the « who », « what » and « why » behind any email. Go further in the blink of an eye, or not. It's up to you.

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What your inbox looks like today

Tons of emails

Your inbox is being bullied by tons & tons of emails everyday

Lots of Emails

A lot to read, waste of time

An Unconsistently written email & a lot of unecessary extras including this one:
“I know that email messages could be piling up in your inbox.”

Regular Email

What your inbox will look like in a second

One email

You decide when you want to receive it, no one else.

Reeturn Email

A short & lightweight summary

Three parts, each limited to a maximum of 170 characters provided by the sender: Value Proposition, Competitive Advantage and Pricing.

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